WPL Diamond - 45 Person

WPL Diamond - 45 Person
WPL Diamond - 45 Person WPL Diamond - 45 Person
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The WPL Diamond DMC8 will serve up to 45 people

There are several key reasons to choose a Diamond wastewater solution for your development:

  • Minimal maintenance, low running cost - unlike other sewage treatment plants on the market, the Diamond’s unique design has no internal moving parts.  This means that it requires minimal annual maintenance, making it economical to run.
  • Kind to the environment – the Diamond’s treatment process requires no chemicals, so it’s kind to the environment.
  • Minimal visual impact – the Diamond’s tank is buried entirely underground, so it has minimal visual impact.
  • No smells – most other treatment plants have primary tanks which store settled solids and can emit odours.  The Diamond has no primary tank and is therefore odour-free.
  • Long emptying cycle – the Diamond’s continuous bacterial digestion treats wastewater to a standard that meets all normal Environment Agency consents.  This treatment process can achieve a de-sludge (emptying) period of up to three years – much longer than that of most other plants.
  • CE marked and Irish agrement certified
  • Over 40,000 Diamonds units installed world wide
  • Reduced soakaway


Process Performance Guaranteed
The Diamond treats wastewater to a 95 percentile standard of:

• 20mg/l Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD)
• 30mg/l Suspended Solids (SS)
• 20mg/l Ammoniacal Nitrogen (AMM-N)



The Diamond sits below ground and is straightforward to install – often without the need for concrete backfill.  A comprehensive installation manual is supplied with each plant, which you should read thoroughly prior to installation.
The plant is supplied with an air blower, together with an alarm and an enclosure to protect it from the weather.  This comes with 10 metres of airline to connect the blower to the tank.  The Diamond can accommodate longer airlines – up to 30 metres

The WPL Diamond range meets the following industry standards:

• CE marked, fully type tested and certificated in accordance with the mandatory European standard BS EN12566-3, and meets all current legislation under the Environmental Permitting Programme

• Fully compliant with UK Building Regulations and Environment Agency recommendations

• The Diamond is designed using the British Water Code of Practice Flows and Loads, to ensure correct sized tanks

• LABC approved, which means it has been assessed against Building Regulation requirements and can be installed without the need to have it signed off again by building control

Delivery free of charge to any mainland site in England & Wales

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