Sewage Buster (Sewer treatment) 20KG

Sewage Buster (Sewer treatment) 20KG
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  1. Bacteria/enzymes continuously breakdown FOG's via biological reaction
  2. Rapidly reduces BOD/COD levels, ensures compliance to discharge consent
  3. Used in sewer treatment plants, pump stations and sewer pipework
  4. Shelf life 2 years, 1 Kg treats see chart below

Features & Advantages

  • Enzymes released by appropriate bacteria initiate a chain reaction that continues until complete sewer cleanout is achieved.
  • Cleans and prevents future blockages in small to medium diameter sewers by creating a bio film on the inside surface of the pipe work.
  • Surfactants allow rapid penetration of the product for maximum biological action.
  • Keeps Level Probes, Pump Control Systems free of FOG deposits.
  • Reverses the harmful effects of acidic/caustic cleaning agents and restores the natural biomass inside the system.

How To Use

Dilution Rate Table


Flow Rate

Initial Dosage


Up to 100m³

500g per week

250g per week

Up to 250m³

500g x 2 per week

500g per week

Up to 500m³

500g every other day

500g x 2 per week

Up to 1,000m³

500g per day

500g x 3 per week


Treatment Plants

Flow Rate

Initial Dosage*


Up to 1,000m³

7kg per day

250g per day

Up to 2,300m³

12kg per day

500g per day

Up to 5,000m³

25kg per day

1kg per day

Up to 25,000m³

2.5kg per 1,000m³

0.5kg/day per 5,000m³

Up to 50,000m³

2kg per 1,000m³

250g/day per 5,000m³

Application of recommended initial dosage should be spread out over the period of 10 days.

Regular application is important for best results. If a day is missed, use double the dose in next application.

Dosage rates would differ for every sewer pump system depending upon its flow rate, effluent retention time and system variation.


Hydra Bio Sewage Buster is a special formulation containing appropriate bacteria and low foaming surfactants for optimum sewer treatment. The product is an effective sewer pipe cleaner that removes high concentrations of fat, oil and grease.

 Surfactants with low foaming properties allow maximum penetration inside the organic wastes to support maximum biological degradation leading to cleaner lift stations, free flowing pipes and reduced malodours. The product contains the most specific bacterial strains, which are able to function well even under severe operating condition of concentrated FOG deposits inside sewage lift stations, sewage pump, sewer pipes etc. The bacteria present in Hydra Bio Sewage Buster produces a bio film that coats the walls and inside surface of the sewage pipes. The film colonizes the useful bacteria and continuously releases the enzymes necessary for breaking down FOGs. A biological chain reaction commences which continues to breakdown even the last traces of organic material.

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