Biocell Bioclean Sewage Treatment Plant - 6 Population - Pumped Outlet

Biocell Bioclean Sewage Treatment Plant - 6 Population - Pumped Outlet
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Biocell 6 population sewage treatment plant

The Biocell is the latest sewage treatment plant to come on to the UK market & boasts being the most competitively priced domestic treatment plant thus far with prices starting from £1,399.00

With Low Running CostsLow Maintenance & Easy Installation makes the Biocell a number one choice for home owners and contractors alike.

  • Shallow dig tank for easy installation
  • No concrete backfill required
  • Single piece watertight tank – not bolted together in sections
  • Low running costs
  • High effluent quality
  • Integrated filter
  • Approved for installation in place of any other system
  • No additives or chemicals needed
  • No odour
  • Quiet operation
  • Nationwide rapid delivery

Homeowner: Why buy a Biocell Bioclean

  • Unbeatable value
  • Save money every year with industry low running costs and maintenance costs
  • No odour
  • Quiet operation
  • Total peace of mind – from one of the most reliable, tried and tested systems on the market – sold in 50 countries!
  • Nationwide customer support and service teams

Installer/Builder: Why buy a Biocell Bioclean

  • Trade discounts giving you better profit margins
  • High strength tank is simple to install with no risk of tank damage during installation
  • Risers for deep installations
  • Shallow dig tank – can be installed with a mini digger
  • Single piece high-density tanks. Guaranteed to be watertight
  • Plug and play complete unit
  • Flat base for simple installation – not curved or cone-shaped tanks that are difficult to install
  • 2-day nationwide delivery

The tank is divided into three chambers:

1. Non-aerated chamber [activated sludge]

2. Aerated chamber [activated sludge]

3. Separation chamber (secondary clarifier)

Raw wastewater enters the treatment plant, first passing through a filter (A), which suspends large particles and then enters into a non-aerated chamber of activated sludge (1). Under the inlet filter device (A) (below the water level) an air lift outflow is installed (B), discharging large air bubbles.

Hydrodynamic force of the water and recirculated sludge returned from the separation chamber (3) breaks up suspended solids into smaller particles. Further mechanically treated wastewater mixes with the activated sludge in the non-aerated chamber of activated sludge (1) of the bioreactor. A mixture of sludge and wastewater from the non-aerated chamber of activated sludge (1) flows into the aerated chamber of activated sludge (2). In the bottom of the aeration chamber (2) fine bubble tube diffusers (aerators) (C) are installed. Mixed liquid from the aeration chamber flows into the separation chamber/clarifier (3), where activated sludge separates (settles) from treated water. Separated (settled) activated sludge is returned by air lift (B) to the non-aerated chamber of activated sludge (1) (under filter (A). The air blower designed for the waste water treatment plant provides the aerated chamber of activated sludge (2) with the necessary amount of air and ensures operation of the air lift (B) of recirculated sludge. Excess sludge together with large primary solids are stored in the bottom of the non-aerated chamber of activated sludge (1) and is removed typically once a year, depending on the concentration and volume of sludge accumulated in the wastewater treatment plant. The air blower delivers compressed air into the aerated chamber of activated sludge (2) for aeration and for the air lifts (B). The air blower (H) blows air into a distribution manifold (E), which distributes air to air lifts (B) and to diffuser (C) (see Fig. No. 4).

Delivery is between 2 - 3 working days

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