Klargester NSG04 2000L Grease Separator

Klargester NSG04 2000L Grease Separator
Klargester NSG04 2000L Grease Separator
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Grease Separators are an effective and hygienic method of separating fat and grease from waste water flow.

Klargester grease separators will, by the removal of fat and grease:

• Greatly reduce incidents of blocked drains from catering establishments
• Improve the performance of septic tanks and field drains
• Prevent contamination of small sewage treatment plants

Grease Separators: For applications such as larger restaurants, hotels, etc. where a grease separator should be considered to give additional volume.

Operation & Installation

Traps and separators allow fats and grease to naturally separate out from water, allowing their removal prior to the wastewater reaching the drainage system. The trap or separator should be installed close to the source of contamination before any foul waste can enter the drainage flow and to suit the expected liquid temperature.

Tank Code Capacity (litres) Length (mm) Flow (litres/second) Meals served per day
NSG04 2000 2072 4 200 meals
NSG06 3000 3018 6 300 meals 
NSG09 4000 3895 9 500 meals
NSG18 8000 3231 18 700 meals
NSG24 11,0000 4386 24 900 meals


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