Graf Rain Bloc 300

Graf Rain Bloc 300
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Drainage anti-flooding blocks or Graf Flood Attenuation Bloc with 300 litre capacity for rapid drainage of land. Surface water is diverted or soaks down into weight resistant crates and from there dissipates slowly into the lower ground clearing water quickly from the surface.

This model is HGV load quality and used for drives, car parks, pitches, lawns and areas prone to localised flooding.

The rigid crates are made in black polypropylene (PP) and measure 1200mm (l) x 600mm (w) x 420mm(h) and will hold a maximum capacity of 300 litres gross or a working volume of 285 litres. To build the attenuation system, the blocks are connected together into a matrix.

In areas where water storage is not a consideration, the crates can be  wrapped in a geo-textile to slow the drainage of the water - forming in effect a large soakaway.

Where storage and reuse of the water is preferred, the block matrix is wrapped in a water-proof membrane forming a large underground tank  that can be pumped for other use.

Geo-textile and other membranes are available.

Graf Rain Bloc 300

Easy to install 

The Graf Rain Bloc can be installed in rows or block form, with 1 to a maximum of 10 layers, depending on the local conditions and the desired storage capacity. installing the module is easy, fast and variable. it can be installed without heavy equipment - a Rain Bloc weighs just 15 kg. The individual modules are connected using practical fast connectors.

For larger or trade volumes, please call 01923 261660

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