Klargester Envireau 1800L - Direct

Klargester Envireau 1800L - Direct
Klargester Envireau 1800L - Direct
Brand: Kingspan Water
Product Code: Klargester 1,800L Direct
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The Gravity System is ideal for domestic applications. It has a major advantage in that in the event of a power failure on site (or the rain stocks running dry) the system will automatically switch to mains water supply to ensure a continuity of service.


The gravity system requires a header tank to complete the package. Kingspanwater supply a header tank as an optional extra which contains two independent valves operating both the mains and rainwater supply (we recommend a Kingspanwater header tank is used). The water from the header tank will flow by gravity to the serviced appliances. The system will always draw from the rainwater supply first.

Optional Extra on the Header Tank

When ordering your system to make the gravity system complete you will require a header tank. KingspanWater offers a header tank with weir and double ballcock which allows the switch over to mains, the weir provides the mandatory air gap.


  • A Mains Input
  • B Rainwater Input
  • C Water Regulations Compliant Mandatory Air Gap
  • D Overflow Point
  • E Rainwater Level Control
  • F Mains Level Control

Order code: HT 050

Packaged Components
The Envireau can be configured as a direct or gravity system from the box.


  1. KingspanWater Polyethylene Underground Storage Tank suitable for the 60m2 to 200m2 roof areas. Suitable for pea shingle back fill in dry site conditions. (Note: for larger roof area suitable tanks are available)
  2. Internal Self Cleaning Rainwater Filter.
  3. Stainless Steel Multi-stage Submersible Pump with fixed filter.
  4. 20m Cable Length are fixed on all units.
  5. Envireau Control and Display Panel (controls the stopping and starting of the pump).
  6. WaveGuide Depth Sensor - which measures the depth of water and relays the information back to the main control panel. This activates the mains water supply when required and disables the pump when water levels in the tank are running low (for Direct only).
  7. Manhole cover (not visible on diagram).
Other fixtures and fittings
  • Solenoid Valve (regulates the supply of mains water in the direct system).
  • Tundish (provides the mandatory air gap in the direct system)
Choosing and ordering your Envireau System made simple.
Code Recommended
Roof Size
Tank Dimensions
Diameter Height* Length Inlet& Outlet
ENVG060KSW 60m2 1350mm 2220mm 1700mm 500 - 800mm
ENVG100KSW 100m2 1700mm 2443mm 2000mm 500 - 900mm
ENVG150KSW 150m2 1800mm 2543mm 2400mm 500 - 900mm
ENVG200KSW 200m2 2070mm 2793mm 2400mm 500 - 900mm

* Includes tank neck - adjustable to suit required invert.

Delivery on site will consist of one suitable tank and one box of components including a manhole cover.


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