Balmoral Rainwater Storage 5,455L - Complete

Balmoral Rainwater Storage 5,455L - Complete
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The Balmoral surface mounted rainwater storage system is supplied as a kit for horticultural, agricultural, garden and limited domestic use - eg toilet flushing.

Why buy this system?

  • Above ground location so no excavation required
  • Filtered rainwater with built in overflow and inlet calming
  • Mains water back up in case of extended drought
  • Can be used to feed rainwater to a toilet cistern
  • Powerful pressure sensitive pump for immediate delivery to the taps and appliances
  • Trusted manufacturer of single piece tanks

This kit will enable you to collect, filter, store and distribute rainwater for use in the house or in the garden. Above ground tanks do not keep water at a low stable temperature in the same way as underground tanks but with average rainfall in the UK, the water will be regularly refreshed. The water can be used for flushing toilets, power-washing, garden irrigation and outdoor cleaning jobs. Above ground tanks cannot be used during periods of prolonged deep freezing.

More about the tank

Balmoral, the trusted British brand, is a company that designs and manufactures rainwater storage tanks in the UK using the highly efficient rotational moulding process.

Rotational moulding is a process ideally suited to producing hollow plastic products. By using additional post-moulding operations, complex components can be produced enabling the process to compete effectively with other moulding and extrusion practices. Rotational moulding differs from other processing methods in that the heating, melting, shaping, and cooling stages all occur after the polymer is placed in the mould, therefore no external pressure is applied during forming. This provides the following advantages:

  • Economically produced large products
  • Minimum design constraints
  • Very low residual stresses
  • No polymer weld lines

The tanks have been rigorously tested to comply with the requirements of the United Kingdom Water Byelaws and Regulations when correctly installed.

About the pump

Rainwater Pump - HydroForce 800w submersible power pump with float switch. All the benefits of the new reliable UK manufactured HydroForce with a built in pressure switch and dry run protection.

Rainwater harvesting pump Enviro 1100w

The all new HydroForce pump now has even more failsafe features:

  • The internal electronics and PCB of the pump are now completely encapsulated in resin - so there is no chance of moisture ingress.
  • The pressure switch has been upgraded for faster response times.
  • The body moulding has been revised to prevent the effects of both positive and negative water pressure.
  • The manufacturer's warranty is now extended to 2 years from date of purchase. 
  • Dry run sensor
  • High volume 1 litre inline filter included to filter water as it enters the pump.
  • Can be located in or out of the tank

What is included in the kit;

  • Balmoral Tank 5,455 litres
  • Uno Overflow Syphon
  • Automated mains drip feed with tundish
  • HydroForce 800w Submersible pump
  • Rainus Downpipe Filter


Delivery is the standard £99, delivery to Scotland may incur an extra charge – please call

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