Shallow Septic Tanks

The New era of septic tanks have arrived with the arrival of the shallow/low profile septic tank

Shallow/ low profile septic tanks are the new era in septic tank solutions, they are designed in such a way it halves the depth of installation required.

Designed to be installed in areas where the conventional onion shape septic tanks are not feasibly installed. This is typical when the ground conditions consist of granite rock or if there is a high water table and you need to have your soakaway as high as possible.

 A septic tank is a storage tank which holds and retains all the solid waste & passes on the untreated waste water to a soak away/drainage filed.

You are not permitted to drain directly from a septic tank into a watercourse/ditch. You would need to install a sewage treatment plant.

A septic tank works by allowing the solids to settle to the bottom and the effluent to flow out. The outflow from the septic tank usually requires further treatment and this is achieved by soaking it away into the ground, where bacteria in the soil completes the sewage treatment process.

A septic tank will have some kind of baffle to separate the sludge build up from the effluent leaving the septic tank through the outlet.

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